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Flysurfer TRIP Split Kiteboard


TRIP… convenient for travel!

The TRIP makes travel comfortable and affordable again! The innovative PU split construction reduces the pack size, enables performance features, and increases protection of the board halves against wear. The shape is our vision of a true all-rounder and has a constant rocker curve, stepped tip channels, a single concave and the proven asymmetrical outline to minimize spray while riding. The TRIP feels comfortable in all conditions: good planing, medium flex, moderate pop, playful turns, and very good upwind performance make it an excellent crossover board. The grip and smoothness can additionally be influenced by the “choose and ride” FIREFINs. With the click-in system, you can quickly adjust your fins right at the spot or simply pull them off for storage. The TRIP comes with our comfortable “SQUAD Pads & Straps” with great adjustability, as well as a suitable travel bag. The complete TRIP package is designed and manufactured in Europe. The perfect travel companion for your next TRIP!

‘Ready to Ride’ Package:

1x TRIP Kiteboard
1x SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. Screws)
1x FIREFIN Set (incl. 50mm Fins, Screws, Mount)
1x SQUAD Grab Handle (incl. Screws)
1x SQUAD Accessory Bag
1x TRIP Travel Bag
1x TRIP Manual

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The innovative 3-piece construction features a PU-connector to join the split-board seamlessly together. The unique S connection reduces the dangerous perpendicular stresses of heavy landings and allows a rail-to-rail aligned fastener pin. The flexible component protects the two halves of the board, and allows homogeneous flex and a progressive concave. The PU-connector can be replaced and has a compact pack size.



The FIREFIN is a two-component injection-moulded fin system for twintip kiteboards. They can easily be unmounted without using tools. The fins are made from two high-quality materials; a hard, engineering grade, recyclable thermoplastic body and a marine-grade, durable silicone skirt which is corrosion resistant and UV stable. This simple plug and play system ensures you worry-free travel without damaging your gear!

wood-foam core


Designed with a full-length wood core made of responsibly grown paulownia wood. This guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness and dynamic recovery force of the board while retaining huge amounts of strength and durability.


The Stepped Channel Tip design provides increased surface area for better pop and more directional stability. Simply put: it lets you carve precisely or ride aggressively while maintaining upwind drive.


The TRIP’s single concave makes the board ride smoothly and ensures stable landings. Feel the difference with other split board constructions, which can only match the shape and flex of regular boards by adding significant weight and extra laminate layers. Enjoy the typical FLYSURFER riding comfort and high control.


The asymmetrical outline uses a rounder and shorter toe-side edge, which makes the board feel lively. The feature increases comfort and maneuverability while cruising on the toe side and offers a unique carving feeling.

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TRIP137, TRIP142


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