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Flysurfer RUSH Kiteboard


Freestyle, Big Air

The RUSH is responsive, precise and robust – our stiff freestyle board. Terrific edge control and grip enables a smooth, powerful riding style allowing you to focus on your next takeoff. Achieve your maximum jump height and break your personal records. This is the one for riders who do not want to compromise.

RUSH … always in control

The RUSH gives you the confidence needed to perform technical moves, massive airs and sick mega-loops. This classic freestyle board offers high riding comfort, perfect grip, insane pop, and precise carving. The centralized stance alignment and fine-tuned flex distribution allow you to perform your tricks quickly at any time, ensuring safe landings. The bottom construction with a double concave and multi-channels gives an outstanding upwind performance to stay “in-the-box” and reacts immediately to rider inputs. Designed and produced in the heart of Europe for the highest quality. Perfect for ambitious and sporty riders who want to push the limits and reach their full potential.

Board Accessories

The SQUAD is our premium kiteboard binding and builds on a solid base plate. It transfers your input reliably to the board and offers a variety of adjustment options to perfectly match your foot. Decide on magnificent support combined with comfortable shock absorption, slide over the water so relaxed that even Jesus becomes jealous!

G-10 is a fiberglass-based laminate. Layers of fiberglass fabric are soaked in resin, compressed and baked. The resulting material is very hard and ideal for Finns. Our SQUAD G10 fins are available in 40mm and 50mm.

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The Stepped Channel Tip design provides increased surface area for better pop and more directional stability. Put simply, it lets you carve precisely or ride aggressively, while maintaining upwind drive.


Our Constant Curve Rocker ensures that you can engage when maximum performance is required. Maintain constant foot pressure with consistent grip, for confidence-inspiring control in all water conditions. Get higher speeds and fully-loaded pop!


Built for maximum control, the Double Concave gives you extra grip even without big fins. It also improves edge grip and evenly deflects water to provide soft landings and to make it easier to stick your trick.


The RUSH is made with a full-length wood core made of responsibly-grown paulownia wood. This guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness and dynamic recovery force of the board, while retaining huge amounts of strength and durability.


The innovative assembly of a unidirectional woven layer lengthwise and an additional woven layer underneath at a different angle achieves considerably higher torsional stiffness. This allows the tips to flex while at the same time reducing rail to rail flex, which allows for increased jumping performance while retaining a high level of ride stability.


All of our boards have a special high-quality, scratch-resistant UV coating to ensure a long product life. The board graphics are protected under the coating, so they will not get damaged even if the board is slightly scratched.

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RUSH2 137, RUSH2 140


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