December 30, 2016
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December 30, 2016
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Lightwind, Race

Your ultimate directional board for early planing and top speeds, as well as fun in any wind. Because of its innovative as well as durable snowboard technology construction, combined with 25cm high performance G10 fins, the RAZOR allows anybody to have an easy introduction into Freeracing, Slalom and Touring.

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Razor … ride fast!

The Razor is a performance orientated freeride directional board which is built with super sturdy snowboard technology. You will get more days on the water and super light winds will become fun! We did not want to build a super fragile and bulky sandwich volume board, nor did we want a high performance machine which for most people is un-rideable. We just wanted a board which was really fast, helped us get on the water even more often, and have as much fun as possible despite marginal wind conditions.

The Razor becomes a machine when going downwind. Even in the lightest winds it gains speed rapidly when you head upwind. The board is designed in a way that you can edge and ride it similar to a twin tip. Tacking and jibing become incredibly easy with the Razor. Due to its high speed, it glides very well even in gusty conditions. From now on you won’t need anyone to give you a lift after a downwinder, since riding upwind is so fast and easy. If you want to go touring, enter some fun races or slalom events, ride lakes or even boost a couple of jumps – the Razor will handle it. The Razor is a very unique board, offering maximum fun and the thrill of speed in a simple and durable package. Ride it fast!

TECHNOLOGY Snowboard Construction Directional
SKILLS Advanced +
SIZES 165×60
TERRAIN Radical5-Terrain
Board Size



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