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December 7, 2016
December 30, 2016
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Flysurfer Peak2

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Touring, Freeride, School

The PEAK2 is a unique touring-kite. Super light weight, smallest pack size with unmatched light wind performance and handling. Its direct steering will quickly lift you to mountain summits. Innovative single-skin technology with depower for every explorer.

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The PEAK2 is your personal lift to the summit of mountains. No pre-inflation or pumping is needed, so it’s always ready to go for a session. Its unmatched low-end power will guide you to new locations, even in the slightest breeze and thanks to its effective depower, you’ll be safe and in control, even in stronger winds. The PEAK2 will soon become your go-to kite, the kite you want to use every day, so you won’t miss out on that great session, even as a beginner. Because of its small packing size, and its optional touring bag/harness, you can literally take the PEAK2 anywhere you want. This combination will make it your ultimate toy either on snow, sand, grass or asphalt. It’s your passport to pure freedom.

New Colors

From mid-December on, the sizes 6.0m and 9.0m are coated in refreshed colors. The 6.0m shines in a fresh aubergine/yellow, while the 9.0m is now available in an elegant aubergine/orange look. Apart from this new design all technical features of the kite remain unchanged.


When it comes to safety, we do not compromise. The PEAK2 now has incredible stability in light breezes and gusty winds, so you always remain in charge, no matter what happens. After activating the Infinity 2.0 quick release on the Infinity light bar, the front-line safety (FLS) makes the PEAK2 flag-out downwind with no remaining pull. Whether you need to reverse launch, backstall landings, or simply drop the kite at the edge of the wind window for a short break, the PEAK2 does it all, giving you optimum control in every situation.


Choose your favorite size from the new PEAK2 line-up – 12.0m, 9.0m, 6.0m or 4.0m. Whichever you opt for, your PEAK2 will be delivered ready-to-fly and complete with your Infinity light control bar and flying lines. It’s ideally suited for backcountry touring, freeride snowkiting, kite landboarding or buggying – even unhooked freestyle tricks are possible. When it comes to improving your skills, the PEAK2 also stands out from the crowd, making it the perfect choice for kite schools. And thanks to its easy controllability, it allows for pure fun in your kiting sessions, even for children. Once equipped with our kite and touring bag/harness, all you need to do is hook in the Infinity quick release on your Infinity light bar and prepare for launch. Whether you’re on land or snow, only the sky is the limit with the new PEAK2!

TECHNOLOGY Single-Skin Foil Kite
SKILLS Beginner +
SIZES 4 / 6 / 9 / 12
TERRAIN Peak2-Terrain

12m, 4m, 6m, 9m


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