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Flysurfer Boost 2

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Airstyle, Freeride, Hydrofoil

The BOOST2’s redefined canopy delivers spot on high performance for any riding style. This powerhouse is best for hooked in boosting and stands for the ultimate freeriding feeling. Whether you are ripping waves or go for full-on freestyle, the BOOST2 is a true crossover kite for magical moments on the water.

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Force Frame

Force Frame

Through refined computer calculations and extensive real-world testing we could generate an even stiffer overall frame for the BOOST2. Ensuring control and confidence when conditions ask for it.


D2 Double RipStop

For the BOOST2, FLYSURFER relies on the proven D2 Techno Force Double RipStop cloth by Teijin for prolonged durability, tear-resistance, air tightness and UV protection.

Free Flow 2.0 Valve

Free Flow 2.0 Valve

The completely redesigned Free Flow 2.0 valve allows the greatest possible airflow rate with maximum user-friendliness. By simply pressing a button, the valve is opened or closed comfortably, enabling effortless inflation or deflating.


Double 3D-Shape

Thanks to this technology we have produced a highly efficient airfoil, which results in unrivaled hang-time and unmatched upwind performance.

Self Launcher 3.0

With the Self Launcher, we are offering you a tool to easily solo-launch the BOOST2. Position the kite at the edge of the wind window, connect the sandbag (which comes with the kite), or any other bag and place this on the ground. Once the kite lines are tensioned the Self Launcher automatically releases safely at just the right moment. Recommended use: lower to medium windrange of the used kite size.

Adaptive Airfoil Bridle Kit

Profile adjustment – like sailing or on airplane wings – this is the idea behind the Adaptive Airfoil System. A minimalistic trailing edge bridle makes it possible to adjust the profile of the kite during flight. Especially noticeable on the excellent low end or when relaunching. The Adaptive Airfoil Bridle is integrated in the sizes 15.0LW and 18.0LW and is optionally available for sizes 11.0 & 13.0m, making them ideal for hydrofoiling.

Lightwind Edition 15.0 LW & 18.0 LW

Lightwind Edition 15.0 & 18.0

Enjoy outstanding light wind performance with the BOOST2 LW. Optimized weight reduction, higher aspect ratio and the innovative adaptive airfoil technology known from the BOOST LW. These kites will increase you’re kiting days and flying experience.


IKA registered

FLYSURFER is passionate about kite-racing so we have registered the BOOST2. This allows you to attend every official IKA race event in the L.E.I. class. Even if a FLYSURFER kite construction is officially approved for kite racing in the IKA class – Formula Kite, this does NOT mean that the kite itself is automatically IKA registered. This must be registered by the rider him/herself, so that he/she is allowed to officially compete in the IKA class – Formula Kite and it’s specific events. Link to registration form

TECHNOLOGY 5 strut L.E.I Kite
SKILLS Intermediate +
SIZES 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 LW / 18 LW
TERRAIN Boost-Terrain

11m, 13m, 15m, 18m, 5m, 7m, 9m


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1 review for Flysurfer Boost 2

  1. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely love this kite, high performance jumping machine that’s incredibly easy to use – I’ve taught a bunch of people to kite on this thing and they pick it up much faster than other kites I’ve used thanks to the speedy relaunch, stability and durability.

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